Matt Armanino
October 4, 2012 | Matt Armanino

2012- One of the Best Harvests in Years?

Perhaps.  Harvest is starting to unfold and you can sense the excitement at the winery. Mother Nature has cooperated and we have one of the most balanced crops in years. This Summer the daytime temperature in Napa got over 80F on most days and rarely exceeding 100F once. These warm sunny afternoons are perfect for the ripening period. On most nights, the temperature has dropped into the high 40s--which allows the vines to recharge and keeps the grapes fresh.  This is the weather that produces a classic Napa vintage.  After an ideal growing season such as this, grape growers and winemakers alike are asking themselves if this could be one of the best harvests in years.   

At Armanino Family Cellars, we started with our pinot grapes from the Russian River that came in first with a perfect balance between ripeness and acidity that shows the real advantage of that appellation.  While the wine is still fermenting it is showing these great characters of strawberries and red fruit with a solid elegance.  Next, we harvested pinot from Maldonado’s Los Olivos Vineyard from the Southern part of Napa, which has a really juicy and ripe profile in a style of Pinot that shows a little more jam notes with amazing depth. The acidity is a little lower because it is on the ripper side for those that like our big Pinots.

Although some of our grapes are not yet in the barn, we are optimistic that this is going to be one hot vintage.

Cheers! Andy, Matt and Papa


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